Plastic Architecture and Artificial Intelligence

The paradigm that makes POWER-KI different

2021-02-11 11:17:27

The characteristics that most differentiate POWER-KI (PWK) from other programming languages ​​is that it is based on a Plastic Architecture. The term refers to the "plasticity" of the human brain, in PWK it is made up of Reflexivity, that is its capacity for Introspection , Self Modification and Persistence of its executive elements.
This feature has been exploited in some applications of the POWER-KI ecosystem. PWK-Inspector, a debugging application, uses it to view the status of the programs during their operation and to make any changes to them; hot. KB3, application for the management of the Knowledge Base, uses it to insert itself into Client programs.
But much more can be done.
Used with creativity it opens up possibilities of great interest in the development of intelligent applications that are impossible or very difficult to achieve with other programming languages. The complete set of functions of the PWK basic libraries should not be forgotten: management of Data Bases and knowledge Bases, industrial protocols, etc.
In addition to this the WRAP technology that allows you to extend PWK with external libraries, an example of all the OpenCV for vision and neural networks.
POWER-KI stands as one of the main tools for those who want to experiment in the field of Artificial Intelligence.