IBIS - Intelligent Billets Supervisor

5th generation software for the management of the extrusion Billette Furnaces.

After an over 20 years evolution, IBIS was reimplemented in POWER-KI: new architecture, new user interface concepts, closer integration whit the Corporate infrastructure.

2020-08-24 11:33:54

IBIS - Intelligent Billets Supervisor

This is the 5th generation of software for managing the extrusion billet heating furnaces and the second created with POWER-KI. Unlike other systems, it does not just provide an effective Human Machine interface, but it directly manages the heating logics, with algorithms that have been refined over more than twenty years, and contributes substantially to obtaining both the quality results and the significant energy savings.

The transition from XPOLYPLUS, used for previous generations, to POWER-KI, in addition to giving the possibility to implement a Client / Sever architecture, which minimizes downtime in case of failures on the department PCs, allows a total 4.0 integration of the production cycle with the factory information system, therefore the exchange of recipes and work parameters, reports and production traceability.
Evolution : previous versions.

This application, for the Supervision and Control of two furnaces for the heating of brass billets to extrude, takes advantage of the Native Cloud functionality of POWER-KI. The application is running on the server, while, on the plants, the client is installed on mini pcs. In the pulpit station, the Client not only displays the plant synoptic, but it also manages the Touch monitor, which replaces the keyboard and mouse. Another client station displays the interface for managing the billet loading area.